Windows 2017 or earlier
Set up Quicken Bill Pay for the first time

Follow the following steps to get started with Bill Pay for Windows 1

  • Sign up for Quicken Bill pay for Windows

    Click on ENROLL NOW and follow instructions to sign up for Quicken Bill Pay

  • Set-up bank Accounts, that you would like to pay bills from.

    Keep in mind that your bank may need up to ten days to validate your Quicken Bill Pay account.

  • Wait for Micro-deposit

    To validate your account, Quicken Bill Pay will charge 2 small deposits.

    • You will be receiving 2 deposits under $1 from Quicken Bill Pay.
    • Activate the payment account on the website by entering the amount of the 2 deposits.

  • Set Up Quicken Bill Pay within Quicken for Windows

    • From the Tools menu, choose Quicken Bill Pay, then choose Set up Quicken Bill Pay Account.
    • Enter your Customer ID and Password
    • Connect your Quicken Bill Pay account with a bank account in Quicken. Typically, this will be the billing account you set up during enrollment but it can also be a manual account.
    • Now you're ready to start paying bills from Quicken.