Switching to Quicken 2018 Membership
from Quicken Windows 2017 or earlier?

Follow the following steps to get the latest version of Bill Pay.

  • Create New Bill Pay Account

    To be able to use bill pay from your new Quicken product you need to re-create your bill pay account using the following enrollment link.

    Click on ENROLL NOW and follow instructions to sign up for Quicken Bill Pay

  • Set up bank Accounts, that you would like to pay bills from.

    Keep in mind that your bank may need up to ten days to validate your Quicken Bill Pay account.

  • Wait for Micro-deposit

    To validate your account, Quicken Bill Pay will make 2 small deposits.

    • You will be receiving 2 deposits under $1 from the Quicken Bill Pay.
    • Activate the payment account on the quickenbillpay.com website by entering the amount of the 2 deposits.

  • Set Up Quicken Bill Pay within Quicken for Windows

    • From the Tools menu, choose Quicken Bill Pay, then choose Set up Quicken Bill Pay Account.
    • Enter your Customer ID and Password
    • Connect your Quicken Bill Pay account with a bank account in Quicken. Typically, this will be the billing account you set up during enrollment but it can also be a manual account.

  • Cancel Your Previous Bill Pay Plan

    Once your new bill pay account is ready, make sure to cancel your old bill pay account so that you are not charged for the same bills again.

    • To cancel your Quicken Bill Pay service please contact our Customer Support department. You can reach us at (877) 486-8844. Learn More..